notes from the exam front 1: the I-house

I’m in Chicago for the week, taking comprehensive exams–one exam per day. I won’t say this hasn’t had an effect on my mental state. For a while during the drive here yesterday, I started doubting the existence of Libya. I’m not sure why.
I’m staying at the International House on campus, a sort of dormitory for graduate students from other countries as well as this. They were going to tear it down due to its incredibly antiquated infrastructure (do buildings have infrastructures?) but there was an outcry amongst the students so they’re doing massive renovations instead. The place is an odd combination of characteristics–it’s very instutional, but 1930s institutional; and it’s clear not much has changed since then (when it was built). The lighting throughtout the building is rather oppressive. It’s somehow simultaneously dim and harsh, and yellowish; kind of like the lights in underground parking garages. Amongst the usual dormitory-like fixtures are scattered massive pieces of antique furniture. I think it would be an okay place to live, as dorms go, and it certainly gives an accurate impression of what the U of C is like as a whole (at least the simultaneously gloomy and harsh part. I’m not bitter).

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  1. alan says:

    Godspeed, Michele! Come back soon, if for no other reason than to help Andy stop sounding like a lost puppy.

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