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Was there a massive public outcry for a roleplaying game based on the exploits of Mexican wrestlers, and I just missed it? From the HERO games 2007 release schedule:

Lucha Libre Hero: Hero roustabouts Darren Watts and Jason Walters put on their magical wrestling masks, get cranked on tequila, and create for you the ultimate gaming guide to monster-hunting, gangster-fighting Mexican wrestlers in Lucha Libre Hero! Dive right into the weird, fight-filled world of Mexican wrestling adventure movies as you and your masked cohorts save the villagers from werewolves, help the police round up vicious gangsters, and then head out for a night on the town with beautiful women!

I was initially tempted to say that sounds like the strangest RPG I’ve ever seen… but I quickly caught myself. This is, after all, a hobby with games that revolve around the zany adventures of bloodsucking undead monsters, dysfunctional postmodern urban wizards, and even stranger protagonists. I can’t say Luche Libre Hero is high on my list of must-have games–I didn’t even realize there was a Mexican Wrestlers genre, assuming that Three Amigos doesn’t count–but it does have “labor of love” written all over it, and sometimes those are the most entertaining games of all.

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