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Two more join the ranks

It's a day for grand celebrations--good friends Jon and Kim (she's the freewheelin' one) are now contributing to the fast-paced world of blogging. Michele and I met Jon and Kim at... at... I can't say it, at that horrible horrible place where they made me study all those ancient languages. Jon and I had the same advisor, who shall not be named lest his attention be drawn and the gaze of his dread Eye fall upon me. Ha-ha. At any rate, you really ought to make reading their blogs part of your daily routine.


Thanks for the plug, Andy! I'm still trying to work out some technical difficulties (well, one big one), but I'm already really getting into this blogging thing.

You have a great site here yourself -- I choked on my coffee yesterday reading your post about razor advertising. Here's another ad I would like to see: a truck commercial with less than 7,000 words displayed per minute. Do they think we're all sitting at home pressing the pause button every four seconds to read fine print the length of a Dostoevsky novel?

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