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Bill's Blog; or, Zorro vs. the Marines

My esteemed associate Bill has now joined us in the wild and wooly world of blogging. Jolly good show! Bill is one of my closest California friends from way back in the day. One of my fondest memories of Bill dates back to a Halloween when we were kids in 4th or 5th grade. We were getting ready to go trick-or-treating; I was dressed up as Zorro and Bill was dressed up like a Marine. We got into a pretend swordfight--except Bill was using his grandfather's actual military sword, and I was using a fake plastic sword from Target. I think a concerned parent put an end to that after blood (mine) was drawn.

A fun trip down memory lane, eh? You should definitely go check out his blog. It looks great, Bill! Awesome to have you online.


I find it somewhat disturbing that in our 20+ years of friendship "one of your fondest memories" of me is the time I drew blood wounding you in an unfair fight. Here's to hoping there is never a post entitled "My Worst Bill Memory."

Don't worry, Bill--I suspect that dressing up as Zorro did far worse damage to my fragile psyche than any unbalanced swordfight ever could have.

I was tempted to write about the Pebblemaster, but I thought that you could probably do a much better job someday at your own blog, since you were the one who lived beneath the iron fist of his despotic neighborhood rule.

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