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La Mancha

Last night, we attended a performance of The Man of La Mancha at Orchard Hill Reformed Church. It was superbly done, with great production values and excellent acting/singing all around. It is very refreshing to see a church embracing the arts, and opening itself up to the local community in the process. From our visits there, Orchard Hill does "the arts" with great enthusiasm; it's always interesting to see the artwork on display throughout the foyer and to observe the large amount of artistic talent being tapped by the church for use in worship services and special programs. Way to go, OHRC. And thanks to Brian and Rachel for giving us a heads-up on the musical.


Cool! It is really neat to see a church that integrates art well. Our church always says that they want to do more with various forms of art, and we have many artisticly tallented people. We just never seem to tap into the tallent.

Now if they'd just get someone artistic to redesign that website of theirs ... :-) Honestly, it should be any day now.

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