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Chilling effect

I've removed a blog post from last week after it sparked some heated discussion. I don't normally like to delete blog posts or comments--I prefer that people's statements stand, for better or worse--but in this case I felt prompted to do so. I'm not criticizing any of the commentors, and in fact a number of worthwhile points came up in the discussion. If you want to discuss it further, feel free to drop me a note. I don't plan to make deleting posts or comments a habit, nor do I want to muffle feisty discussions in the future.

And if you're chafing under the iron fist of my censorship, look at it this way: if you had the foresight to save or print out that post and comments, you now own a genuine collector's item. I bet you could sell that sucker on Ebay for major bucks.


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Then you'd better update the search box on your home page, as it no longer finds anything on your site on how to "undermine capitalism".

Done! Thanks for catching that.

Moo haa haa! I found the thread. I'm going to ebay.

I blame Mark.

...and the obligatory Ghostbusters quote:

"I blame myself."

"So do I."

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