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Miscellaneous but noteworthy reads

A couple quick links worth checking out:

  • D20 guru Monte Cook shares his thoughts on the past, present, and future of the Open Game License. In particular, he thinks aloud about what a fourth edition of D&D might mean for the OGL. (And don’t miss part 2 of his essay.)
  • Chris Pramas (of Green Ronin) relates the long and harrowing story of bringing the True20 game system to market. (That’s the first of several posts in the series.) It’s always interesting to get a glimpse at the inner workings of a game company–seeing how difficult it can be to bring a book from the idea phase to publication makes me appreciate the finished work even more.
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Lots and lots of feats

Need a feat for your d20 game? Try the Netbook of Feats, a collection of feats from a wide variety of published OGL games. (Hat tip: RPG Blog.)

I love seeing people using the internet to collect and organize the truly vast amount of OGL gaming material out there. Mike Mearls’ proposed Open RPG Content Wiki generated a lot of controversy when it came up, particularly from PDF game publishers who worried that their business model would suffer. I can sympathize with those concerns, and don’t know the best way to address them… but I still think that the internet and the OGL make much too good a combination to not embrace.

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