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Wednesday, July 13th, 2005

It seems while we were away for a few days, spammers decided to attack our blogs! Even worse, while deleting the spam, a few real comments got deleted too. I apologize for that, comments are always appreciated (excepting spam comments of course).

fun with Airline X: an update (in which I yell)

Thursday, July 7th, 2005

As you might recall, I’ve been having a spot of trouble with an airline with which I’ve recently had dealings. For some reason, I had to mail back my ticket in order to receive my refund, which I did. According to USPS tracking, it arrived on June 30. Today, a week later, I called to find out why my refund has not been credited to me yet (as I need paper documentation of the refund in order to reimbursed for the cancelation fee, and because I have no desire to pay the entire amount of the ticket before they get around to reimbursing me).
On my third attempt to call, I was neither disconnected nor treated to a busy signal, but talked to an actual person! A quite pleasant person! Who quite pleasantly informed me that the refund department is ON VACATION UNTIL THE END OF THE MONTH! Meaning I WILL get to pay the entire amount of the ticket before they get around to crediting my credit card! I WILL get to pay it before I can get even the cancelation fee reimbursed to me! Am I yelling? YES!

House: it thinks it’s so great

Friday, July 1st, 2005

So I’ve watched the show House three times now. If you don’t watch the Fox network, listen to NPR, or read Internet Monk, perhaps you’ve never heard of the show. Allow me to explain.
House is about a grumpy diagnostic physician with a dead muscle and permanent peripheral nerve damage in his right leg, who limps around hurling abuse at people and, with his team of attractive young residents, diagnosing obscure diseases. That’s it in a nutshell and…um…that’s pretty much it actually. It’s quite a good show, but because too many people have had too many good things to say about it, I thought I’d do a bit of good-natured naysaying. Perhaps I’ve been infected by the curmudgeonly spirit of Dr. House himself. In any case, I plan to COMPLETELY RUIN a couple of episodes for you in the following, if you haven’t seen them yet, so don’t come whimpering to me if you choose to read on anyway (see what I mean about the curmudgeonly?).