Read my epistolary zombie short story!

A bit of fun news! I am genuinely humbled and thrilled that a short story I wrote has been included in an anthology of epistolary zombie short stories. The anthology is (delightfully) titled Sincerely, Departed and my story, “When It’s Done,” is one of 15 short stories within. You can grab it in print or ebook formats at Amazon.

I actually just received my copy of the book, and it’s fantastic–the publishers/editors (Cat Voleur and Angel Krause, hosts of the Voices from the Mausoleum show) did an amazing job formatting each story to fit the medium in which it’s told.

When Sincerely, Departed came out, they hosted a “launch party” on Youtube that included videos from several of the authors (including me) and lots of discussion about the anthology. My story is featured at the 25:30 mark, but the entire show is worth watching.

It was a privilege to work with Cat and Angel, whose editing improved my story; and it was fun to get a little creative project actually across the finish line. If you check out this anthology, I’d love to hear your feedback on “When It’s Done”!

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