Catching up

I’m getting caught up on my blog reading. Here are a few noteworthy items I’ve come across lately, for your perusal:

  • Bill has written an excellent essay on prayer and miracles.
  • Fun article on how D&D changed the world. (Side note: have you seen the new 30th anniversary coffee table book? It looks pretty neat-o.)
  • As many of you know, Firefox 1.0 was officially released recently. If you are currently using Internet Explorer and don’t know what all the Firefox fuss is about, give it a try–it’s free and easy to download/install. And don’t forget its hot, email-reading cousin Thunderbird. Wait, that didn’t sound quite right…
  • I’ve been really enjoying the Game Matters blog, by one of the Duke Nukem developers. Lots of good discussion about games, from marketing to gameplay to what-have-you.


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