California, here we come

Vacation time! It’s frightfully early (by Andy standards, at least), and we’re scurrying around finishing up the packing and preparation for our big plane flight out to San Diego. Michele is busy worrying about how many clothes to pack and how the cats will receive nourishment while we are away. I’d help her out, but my mind is preoccupied with vastly more important matters:

  • …should I pack my bag o’ gaming dice in my carry-on backpack, or in a suitcase to be checked in? What if I need my dice mid-flight?
  • …will my Gamecube Carrying Case set off the Super Nerd Alert at the airport check-in?
  • …what is the minimum number of RPG books I can fit in one duffel bag, and still be able to cover the maximum number of game genres, settings, and styles?

I’m never good at making these sorts of tough, last-minute decisions.
To my California friends and family–see you soon!

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1 thought on “California, here we come

  1. pcg

    Isn’t it nice that Michele has you to worry about those truly important matters while she putzes around with things like keeping your animals alive? 😉
    Have a safe trip and hope to see you at some point!

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