Starships passing in the night

I had one of those weird “it’s-a-small-world” experiences online this morning. I was meeting up with my friend Jon for a Saturday morning game of Star Fleet Battles. While you’re setting up the game, you can chat with other SFB players in the “lobby” area.
So anyway: one of the people in the lobby, who I recognized as an SFB regular, asked where we lived. Over the next 30 seconds, we established that he lives in the same state as me.
In the same town.
In the same part of town.
In the same apartment complex.
In the building next door.
It was a fun coincidence, although just a tiny bit creepy; I half-expected him to burst out of my closet or growl “Turn around–I’m RIGHT BEHIND YOU!” or something cinematic like that.
But fortunately that did not happen. And who knows–maybe we’ll be matching wits over a boardgame sometime in the near future.

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