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Witness to the end: the final hours of Tabula Rasa

Last night I witnessed the final hours of an MMORPG.

Ultima (6) Online

My recent installation of Ultima 7 put me in a serious Ultima mood, so I decided to poke around a bit to see whatever happened to Ultima Online. (Turns out it’s still around and doing fine.) And in the process of doing that, I came across this gem: Ultima 6: the MMORPG. That’s right—somebody took […]

Memorable moments in MMORPG history

A fun list of five memorable events in MMORPG history. I don’t know why it’s so fascinating to me, but I just love stories of players and events in MMORPGs heading off in crazy directions the game creators never anticipated. by

The superstitions of MMORPG players

Do you keep a rabbit’s foot in your Warcraft character’s inventory in the hopes that it will bring you better loot? Do you believe that facing a certain cardinal direction while crafting an item in Final Fantasy will improve the quality of the object you’re creating? If so, you share in some of the many […]

Burning crusade… of nerds

Where were you at midnight on Monday night? If your answer is anything other than “standing outside the local Gamestop in freezing-cold weather waiting to pick up a copy of the World of Warcraft expansion,” you’re a better person than I. Behold: The lucky few at the front of the line. You can’t see him […]

Pay it forward

Things were looking grim for my undead warlock in World of Warcraft. I was out of spell components and thus could not summon the familiar upon whom I depended for protection. I was far, far away from the nearest friendly Horde outpost, and had inadvertently stumbled upon an enemy Alliance encampment. In the course of […]

This game is terrible (I play it every day)

A friend passed along a link to this amusing Wired piece on the whiners and complainers who populate game forums. It’s funny because it’s true–it’s really uncanny how many people spend their valuable time sitting in official game forums complaining about how much the game sucks. The offenses against which these forum warriors rage usually […]

All alone and happy in Azeroth

Although it’s updated somewhat sporadically, Scott Miller’s Game Matters is one of the more thought-provoking game blogs out there. While catching up on my reading there, I came across an interesting post suggesting that World of Warcraft‘s extreme popularity is due at least in part to the fact that almost alone among massively-multiplayer games, it […]

Spam of Warcraft

I suppose it was inevitable. I checked my character’s mail in World of Warcraft this evening to find a few of these messages awaiting me: Wow! What a great deal. When an offer is this fantastic, it’s certainly understandable that one’s desire to share it with others would overwhelm one’s concern for their privacy. (More […]

Requiem for a guild

I experienced my first guild breakup last week. I logged into World of Warcraft after having been offline for several days, and what I found was quite a surprise: guild membership had been slashed by half; guild chatter was abuzz with stories of backstabbings, betrayals, and emotional outbursts; and there was talk of new “splinter […]