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The reason for the season

It’s that time of year! That’s right; it’s time to turn on the holiday music, assemble the Christmas tree, and haul this sucker out of the basement where it has slept dreaming for the last year: What treasures await us inside the box? I think you know. No Christmas is complete without a Christmas tree […]

Don’t be a nerd—listen to Officer Byrd

I was pleasantly surprised after my last post (so very long ago, I’m afraid) to learn that so many of you remembered Cal Worthington, his dog Spot, and the ubiquitous television ads which made him a part of my childhood. But imagine my joy when I discovered this morning that, thanks to the internet, yet […]

Time to hit the road

I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move. –Robert Louis Stevenson Michele and I have a road trip coming up soon. It’ll take us through what many people would consider the “boring flyover” states (Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas), but it’s a route we both […]

All the leaves are brown and the sky is gray

I miss California. I’m visiting the Golden State on a work-related trip. I genuinely enjoy living in the Midwest, and it’s not like I sit around all year in Michigan pining for California. But I’m always surprised, upon setting foot back in my home state, at how much I still miss it even after nearly […]

I’m a winner

Earlier this week, I won a prize drawing. In my life, I have won exactly two prize drawings (that I can remember, at least). The first was a five-pound Hershey’s chocolate bar, which served as dessert at the Rau household for many weeks, and which definitely answered the question “Is it possible to have too […]

Sturm und Drang

As some of you may have heard, we spent the first two weeks of October in Germany. Michele has begun posting about the trip, so if you want in on all the grisly details, her blog is a good place to start. We’re also determined to get some of our photos up at Flickr for […]

Ohio or bust

We’re off to Ohio to visit some relatives over the weekend. Y’all have a great holiday! by

Cell phones and DSL and cable, oh my!

Michele and I are currently enmeshed in the process of sorting out all of our phone and internet options. It started out as a simple mission–“Let’s reduce our phone bill!”–but it has morphed into a gargantuan research project. Should we drop the landline entirely and go voice-over-IP? If we’re doing that, should we switch from […]


Today at work, I did something that made me feel bad. I got a phone call from a Random Person who asked for me by name, having seen an article I’d written online. He wanted to talk about the article, and to bounce some of his thoughts on the article’s subject off me. Basically, he […]

Muffin mania

This morning, Michele baked a batch of delicious muffins with chocolate chips in them. They are quite tasty, and presumably intended to be eaten over the course of several days. Then she went off to work, leaving the container of muffins on the kitchen counter. To make a long story short, I’ve eaten a very […]