Don’t be a nerd—listen to Officer Byrd

I was pleasantly surprised after my last post (so very long ago, I’m afraid) to learn that so many of you remembered Cal Worthington, his dog Spot, and the ubiquitous television ads which made him a part of my childhood. But imagine my joy when I discovered this morning that, thanks to the internet, yet another memorable character from my TV-watching youth is still out there, teaching impressionable young children to wear bike helmets, avoid downed power lines, and never eat from the colorfully-packaged boxes of poison under their parents’ sink.

My friends, let me introduce you to… Officer Byrd.

That horribly catchy theme song has been stuck in my head for about 25 years now. I’ve sung it for my wife, but I suspect that until today, she didn’t believe Officer Byrd really existed. (Michele, I expect a full apology and a retraction of those things you said about my mental health.) But oh, how he existed. There are 14 Officer Byrd videos out there for you to watch (check out the sweet special effects in episode 4). No word on the controversial episode 15, in which Byrd’s cheerful partner Officer Mike is brutally killed by the Mob two days before retiring and Officer Byrd has to break all the rules and take justice into his own hands.

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3 thoughts on “Don’t be a nerd—listen to Officer Byrd

  1. officer byrd and officer mike

    Hi Andy, thank you for commenting on Officer Byrd. We’re still alive and still doing the shows around the schools teaching kids about safety and awareness. I really appreciate getting the word out. We’re coming out with a new animated movie. So remember, don’t be a Nerd… listen to Officer Byrd.

    Stay safe and happy.

  2. Andy

    Hi Officers Byrd and Mike! Thanks for the comment! I’m really glad to hear you guys are both still doing your thing.

    My 4-year-old daughter loves watching your videos on Youtube!

    Googling around, I see you have a relatively recent book? I’ll have to pick that up for my kids.

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