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Earlier this evening, I gave Google Talk a try–I used it to chat long-distance with my parents in California. As far as sound quality and overall experience go, Google Talk seems very solid, and quite similar to Skype.
Both are easy to install and simple to use. Google Talk is nicely bundled with an IM client and has convenient ties to my Gmail account. Skype seems to have more in the way of advanced features. I don’t see a terribly compelling reason to switch from Skype at the moment, but I’m going to play with both of them for a while to see if one edges out the other in the ongoing competition for my favor.
If you see me around online, be sure to say hi!

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1 thought on “Talk to me!

  1. jay

    Hey jrau! I’m also quite fond of Google Talk. In the spirit of all things Google, the interface is clean and simple.
    I’m convinced that Google engineers and developers are from an alien civilization much more advanced than our own. I mean come on, Google Earth. It’s sick. Sick I say!
    I’m not sure that I have your Gmail account info. Shoot me an email with it and I’ll try to catch up with you.

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