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Gencon last month saw, among many other things, the release of a hardcover roleplaying game book that I had the privilege of editing. The book is Legends of the Samurai, and it’s the biggest single project that I’ve edited to date.
Editors and proofreaders generally only get mentioned in reviews of RPG books when they’ve screwed up. So it was with some nervousness that I read the first review of the book. I cannot describe the sense of relief that washed over me as I read these six blessed words: “I saw no major editorial gaffes.” Mr. Reviewer, you are an angel from heaven.
I’m actually afraid to look through the book myself; I know, I know with cold, absolute certainty that I’ll spot an overlooked typo on the very first page to which I turn. No–far better to leave the book closed and unread. And if you read the book and find a typo… please leave me in blessed ignorance.

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