You’re gonna love the Nam

This is quite amusing and well-done.

That scene in Platoon, by the way, is one of the Andy’s Favorite Film Moments. I suspect that if I were to watch the film again today, it would come across as heavy-handed and overly dramatic. But when I first saw it back in college… wow. The slow-motion shot of the US choppers’ shadows flitting past overhead as it happens–good stuff. And it helps that it’s set to one superb piece of music.

update: and here’s the original scene from Platoon.

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  1. pcg says:

    Catch the “sequel” too:
    Really fabulous commercials.

  2. Andy says:

    Wow, that one’s really good too. If I were a sysadmin, I’d patronize this business just as an expression of apprecation for their commercials.

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