For that much money, it had better come with a clone of Gary Gygax to GM it for me

I’m getting ready to run a dungeon crawl on Friday night for my wife and some friends. In casting about for a good published dungeon to use (yes, I’m too lazy busy to create my own), my mind darted immediately to The Temple of Elemental Evil, the classic megadungeon. I can’t run the entire megadungeon in one night, of course; but there’s a neat mini-dungeon near the beginning of the module (the Moathouse) that makes for a great short adventure. I’ve run it several times independently of the much more monstrous Temple, and it’s always gone well.

Unfortunately, my copy of TToEE is literally falling apart from age and heavy use. Perhaps, I thought to myself, it’s time to replace it. And while I’m replacing it, wasn’t there a fun-looking Hackmaster adaptation of it a few years ago? Maybe I could pick up a used copy and try that out!

Off to check the used dealers on Amazon, then. Uh:

That’s just a little outside my budget. Maybe I’ll come up with my own dungeon after all.

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2 thoughts on “For that much money, it had better come with a clone of Gary Gygax to GM it for me

  1. Andy

    I wish! It’s my understanding that when Kenzer & Co’s license with Wizards of the Coast came to an end, they lost the rights to sell any of their adaptations/parodies of the old D&D modules, including Temple. That was a year or two ago.

    The original Temple module used to be available in PDF format from Wizards of the Coast, until their decision last year to halt all sales of PDFs… that is extremely frustrating, and leaves one forced to turn to either a) high-priced used copies on EBay, or b) PDF piracy. Neither is especially appealing…

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