Can you identify this MYSTERY GAMING ARTIFACT?

Care to take a guess what this is, and what its connection to gaming is?

What is this mystery gaming artifact?

I’ll give my faithful readers (both of you) a few days to figure it out before I post the answer.

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3 thoughts on “Can you identify this MYSTERY GAMING ARTIFACT?

  1. Raymond

    Nowadays we only get these kinds of cool trinkets in Collector’s Editions, but these li’l inserts were standard practice for Infocom. I never played through this particular game, though, so I admit that I had to Google “Infocom swizzle” to come up with the answer.

  2. Andy

    Nice work! Yep, as you no doubt learned, it’s from Hollywood Hijinx.

    There are actually two of these things in our house; the one pictured belongs to my wife. Mine is boxed away in whatever basement deep-storage abyss currently holds my Infocom game boxes. Yes, I married somebody with “Hollywood Hijinx” in her possession. She’s a keeper.

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