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Witness to the end: the final hours of Tabula Rasa

Last night I witnessed the final hours of an MMORPG.

Off to Gencon…

See you in Indy! by

Gencon, here I come

Well, it looks like I’m definitely going to Gencon this year. I’m excited! My one previous visit to Gencon was back in (I think) 2003, and I had a great time. It was, among other things, my first exposure to convention RPG games, in all their beauty and (in at least one case) horror. (The […]

Star Trek at Origins

The Jefferies Tube podcast has a great new episode reflecting on the Star Trek games and goodies at Origins 2007. Among other things, he talks about the Star Fleet Universe, the “alternate universe” Star Trek created by the Amarillo Design Bureau. Good stuff; give it a listen! by

Back from Origins!

Well, I’m back from the Origins Convention. I had a great time. I’m hoping to talk in detail about the different games I played as time allows this month. But here’s a quick rundown of the games I played at this year’s convention: Federation Commander Battlestations Hackmaster Exalted World in Flames I can honestly say […]

MerpCon III: return to Middle-Earth

A reader has reminded me that MerpCon, an annual conference dedicated to gaming in Middle-Earth, is coming up again. Sounds like it will be a good one: This year’s special guest speaker is Doctor Thomas Morwinsky, author of a number of adventures and magazine contributions set in Middle-earth. He is also the designer of several […]

Mad dreams of Origins

Well, I’ve gone and done it: I signed up to attend the Origins convention this year. I had a lot of fun last year, even if I did lose almost every single Advanced Squad Leader game that I played. I haven’t decided exactly how my time at Origins will be divided up this year, but […]

Alas for Gen Con So Cal

Looks like the game is up for the short-lived Gen Con Southern California convention. That’s too bad–I hate to see California, land of my birth, deprived of such a cool geek event. Fortunately, from Peter Adkison’s letter, it seems that the Indianapolis Gen Con is still thriving. (Hat tip: Matt Forbeck.) by

Looking at Origins

I’ve put a few photos from the Origins convention online. Nothing too exciting–they’re mostly photos from the “war room” and the ASL area–but have a look if you’re interested. by

Back from Origins

Well, I’m safely back from my road trip out to the Origins convention in Columbus. Much fun was had, much gaming was done, and much money was spent. I’ll post a few photos in a bit. I had a great time. One of my main objectives (born of a trip to Gencon a few years […]