MerpCon III: return to Middle-Earth

A reader has reminded me that MerpCon, an annual conference dedicated to gaming in Middle-Earth, is coming up again. Sounds like it will be a good one:

This year’s special guest speaker is Doctor Thomas Morwinsky, author of a number of adventures and magazine contributions set in Middle-earth. He is also the designer of several wonderful large-scale, highly detailed maps set in Tolkien’s imaginary universe, including the most detailed large-scale map of J.R.R. Tolkien’s NĂºmenor ever made.

According to the website, Chris Seeman, Michael Martinez, and Joe Mandala (all familiar names in the Tolkien gaming community) will be there as well. And it’s free!

Once again I will be unable to attend–between several family weddings, a baby, and (most importantly, ha ha) Origins, all of my vacation time this year is already spoken for. But if you’re in the Washington area, be sure to check it out.

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6 thoughts on “MerpCon III: return to Middle-Earth

  1. MerpCon Volunteer

    If you’re a Tolkien rpging fan, or just a Tolkien fan in general, you really should try to make it out this year. It’s highly unlikely we’ll have ever all of these great “Tolkienologists” all here at once, especially Dr. Thomas Morwinksy, since he’s flying in all the way from Germany. This will be the first time he’s been in the states since he was a wee lad. We can also confirm that Chris Seeman WILL be speaking the same day as well. Michael and Joe will be attending as well. Also, Hawke Robinson, founder of MerpCon and other related sites will be speaking on Sunday. As well as announcing the status on the 10 year research project on the therapeutic aspects of role playing gaming being planned, and new modules, rulesbooks in Middle-earth gaming, and much more.
    So please try to make it out even if you can’t game, try not to miss the guest speakers.
    There will also be lots of trading and buying/selling of each others’s modules. And Chris Seeman and the others plan to bring some autographed modules for prizes was well for those who make it out.

    Its the last weekend fo July (27-29). We’d love people to make it out here.

  2. Andy

    I’ll see what I can do to get out there–it does sound extremely cool!

    One of the members of my old MERP gaming group lives out in that area… I’ll have to let him know about it.

  3. MerpCon Volunteer

    Please be sure to RSVP asap if you’re coming. We have tons of seating for guest speaker and other events. but very tightly limited seating for the rpging tables. (We need more GM’s to volunteer, we have 4 so far this year, a big improvement from 1 last year).

  4. merpcon

    FYI: MerpCon IV is on the way.
    There is a new improved RSVP form too.
    Any chance you’d make it this year? (Even though you went to GenCon)?
    We have John D. Rateliff, author of “The History of the Hobbit” as the special guest speaker this year.

    Also the third issue of Other Minds Magazine just came out (Tolkien RPG magazine).


  5. MerpCon

    FYI, update for the latest MerpCon, now number 5…

    Register for MerpCon V (2009) Today!

    Spread the word, MerpCon V is drawing nigh. RSVP today before it is too late. There is limited seating available. Though the event is free and open to the public, you must RSVP if you wish to participate in most events.

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