Michele is in Chicago all week taking her comprehensive exams! Five days of exams… sounds pretty hellish to me. I’m working on another RPG editing project at home this week, so I’ll be holding down the fort alone and looking forward to Michele’s return.
Michele, my beautiful wife–I love you and am praying for you.

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3 thoughts on “Comprehension

  1. KDC

    I too, am a bachelor for a few days – Valerie is at a health ministries conference with her mother in Louisville. Which sounds even less fun than comprehensive exams to me, but probably is quite the opposite.
    I should hook you up with my best man; he is into RPGs (actually his wife really is), in particular Seven Seas. I think they’ve also done some quasi-Christian RPGs at times.

  2. jrau

    Say ‘hi’ to Michele when you see her this week, Karl! I know she’s looking forward to meeting up with you while she’s in town.
    I’ve never played SS, but it’s on my list of Games To Check Out. I like settings based heavily on real-world history, which seems to be the case with that game. Plus, it seems to involve pirates and fighting ships, and that pretty much automatically makes it cool. Your friend doesn’t happen to live in Grand Rapids, does he? 🙂

  3. KDC

    Sorry, suburban Minneapolis. That doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen someday; what it does mean is that my two biggest RPG-playing friends live far enough apart that Val and I still haven’t played an RPG with either of them. When you’re not somewhere long, spending 7-9 hours playing one game seems prodigal. Though it would be fun.

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