Fedora Core 2 dual-boot problem

More discussion on that Fedora dual-boot problem. Sounds like it’s not limited to FC2, but crops up in other recent Linux distributions, too. Ah well–given the general pluckiness of the open source world, with any luck there’ll be fixes or workarounds available shortly.
I hope that when the problem is addressed, the Fedora Core people release an updated version of FC2 (as opposed to just a downloadable patch or something).
I did successfully upgrade my work laptop (dual-boot Win2k and FC) to FC2 on Friday without any subsequent dual-booting problems (although it did warn me during the install process about possible boot/partition problems). So far, I like what I’ve seen of FC2, but I haven’t yet spent enough time with it to come to any grand conclusions.

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1 thought on “Fedora Core 2 dual-boot problem

  1. alan

    I too had seen that they’ve found a pretty reliable fix once corruption has occurred. How weird is it that no one seems to know what causes the problem? Normally bugs of this severity are identified and patched within hours by multinational legions of kernel hackers.

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