“Not even God could sink this ship”

I can’t even begin to imagine the negative cosmic karma posting this is going to rack up for me…
…but I made it all the way through this last winter without taking the Fall.
I figure there’s no snow or ice around anymore, so it’s safe to mock Fate now.
Looks like I outwitted Old Man Winter this time around. You hear me, Michigan Winter? I’m down here laughing at you! You managed to kill just about everyone else, but… you keep missing the target!*
* bonus points for identifying that movie quote. If you know my movie-quoting habits, there’s really only about three movies to choose from.

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5 thoughts on ““Not even God could sink this ship”

  1. pcg

    Speaking of movie quotes, I thought this post was going to be slightly different. I mean, the quoted title from a particularly crappy movie? Negative cosmic karma? And here I thought you were going to say something like, “Well I finally saw _Titanic_ and I don’t know what the problem was. I kinda liked it.”
    In which case, “negative cosmic karma” would have been the least of your worries. More worrisome might be anything from the complete disgust of your peers to a negative cosmic ass-kicking (since you would obviously be an imposter that has possessed Andy, a la Puppet Masters).
    But now that all has been made clear, it’s good to hear you conquered the Fall, Fate, Old Man Winter, AND Michigan Winter all in one year. 🙂
    (P.S. I had to look up the movie quote, and I *never* would have guessed it. I’ve only seen that movie once, years ago.)

  2. jrau

    Sorry to disappoint you, Peter. I dunno… I’m still living in fear that somewhere out there is an ice patch with my name on it that somehow survived through the spring.
    Maybe my public mockery of Winter will flush said ice patch out into the open?

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