Home again, home again

Well, we’re back from our San Diego visit. It was tremendously fun and quite relaxing, and I’m pretty confident you’ll be reading more about it on this here blog in the near future. It was great to visit with my side of the family, and getting to catch up with Bill, Mark, Tiddo, Arie, and their families was great. I’ve known most of those guys since grade school (in the case of Mark and Arie, since kindergarten!), and it’s great to see how well everyone is doing.
There were a couple people we didn’t meet up with due to various scheduling issues–next time!
Now to get busy re-acquainting myself with glorious Grand Rapids…
update: Wow, so Bill’s brother Robert has bitten the great big banana of blogging. I go offline for a week, and I miss all sorts of excitement.

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12 thoughts on “Home again, home again

  1. Bill

    It always stunk to be the “new” guy who’s only been around since first grade. I guess it could have been worse. It could have been high school…

  2. Adam

    I think that because everyone I seem to meet knows a guy named (or nicknamed) ‘Tiddo’, there is either a lot of people lying about their friend ‘Tiddo’, or everyone’s Tiddo is overlapping.
    I met ‘my’ Tiddo at a youth conference for the CRC church (Same ones Joel went to), and he had a letterman jacket (perhaps it was baby blue?) that said ‘Tiddo’ on the back. Everyone seemed to like ‘Tiddo’, and shouted his name really loudly when they saw him.
    Where my Tiddo is, I know not; but he’s out there somewhere, wearing his letterman’s jacket.

  3. jrau

    Adam, I can’t say for sure, but it sounds like you are describing the same Tiddo I know and love. I’ve always been under the impression that our Tiddo was the only one around, so if it turns out that Tiddos are actually a dime a dozen, I’m going to be really disappointed.

  4. Tiddo

    I sure hope that youth conference was a long time ago. Few things scream out “loser” like a guy nearing 30 and still wearing his high school letterman’s jacket.

  5. joel boonstra

    Adam, that Tiddo is the same one. If your bro-in-law Brian has mentioned a Tiddo that he knows, that’s him, too.
    Tiddo, that was when I was in high school, and since you and I never were in high school together, it seems that you were wearing your letterman jacket post-high school. So you weren’t quite nearing thirty yet, but man…
    BTW, I think the only thing I came close to lettering in was study hall.

  6. Tiddo

    It’s acceptable practice to wear one’s letterman’s jacket the year after high school graduation.
    Adam is related to Pikkaart as well?

  7. Bill

    Come on and fess up, Tiddo. I saw you trying to quickly take off your letterman jacket when I walked through your front door on Sunday.
    I think the next time we go to Tiddo’s, Mark and I should wear our letter jackets too.
    “Glory days, they’ll pass you by, glory days…”

  8. MM

    Andy, you’ve talked about everything from politics, to gaming, to movies, to ninjas. But nothing generates quite as much response as Tiddo.

  9. luke

    Tiddo, it looks like this time you are the center of Dutch Bingo, in fact, it’s spawned a whole new game, Tiddo Bingo. So here goes…Tiddo’s wife’s brother, went to grade school with me, who happens to be the brother of Levi, who also has a really cool letterman’s jacket.

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