Worst of the worst

So, I can’t decide which of these ideas is actually the Worst Idea Ever Conceived:
…or this?
I think this race might be too close to call.

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4 thoughts on “Worst of the worst

  1. KDC

    Definitely the Jackson. Not only dumb, but actually has a chance of happening.
    Check out some recent observations I made on your stuff. Sorry I’ve been out of commission for over a month – I need to start reading blogs more regularly again.

  2. joel boonstra

    “For the Harry Potter readers, just think of the possibilities: Snapes, that sullen, nasty professor lecturing on the facts and biology of sex; giant Hagrid teaching about love and intimacy; or Professor Trelawney with her ‘inner eye’ using astrology and fortune-telling to help teen wizards know their feelings.”
    I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

  3. jonathan

    While it is a highly unlikely development, Malin does raise a fairly good point. Harry is, after all, in his mid-teens by the next book. He won’t be just exchanging coy glances with the girls anymore. He’s been doing that for two books already, and it’s high time he gets some nookie. Responsibly, of course.
    I’m not sure that Malin is calling for sex ed at Hogwarts as much as she is using it as a metaphor for one of her own pet concerns: proper sex ed for kids and the realization that, despite the fact that they are children, still are sexual beings.
    Can’t wait to watch the Jacko proceedings.

  4. Bill

    I like the passage Joel has picked out. In this world of teen sexual confusion, nothing has the potential to help young people sort out their feelings quite like fortune-telling and astrology.
    And how exactly do you expect to work a discussion of contraceptives into a children’s book:
    Harry: “Lord Voldemort is at the bottom of this. We’ll have to be careful.”
    Dumbledore: “Speaking of being careful, Harry, you know that when a young wizard loves a young witch…so you see that if you’re not careful you could end up having to drop out of Hogwarts and work double shifts at 7-Eleven to take care of your little unexpected wizardling.”
    (Bill successfully saves versus inappropriate use of “wizard’s wand” in the context of a sex-ed talk.)
    This ridiculous idea is just one of the many reasons Planned Parenthood can go hang.

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