Into the mouth of (massively multiplayer) madness

Earlier this month, my resistance finally broke down and I ventured into the world of online RPGs. My poison of choice is Guild Wars, which lured me in with its lack of monthly fees.
So far it has been a great deal of fun. It’s easy to play, and lets you jump right into the action (going on quests, killing monsters) without having to worry much about leveling up, bartering for trade goods with 12-year-olds, conversing with creepy 48-year-old males playing buxom sorceress characters, or spending countless hours increasing your Underwater Basket-Weaving skill.
Will this become an addiction? Will my real-life personality slowly merge with that of Thagar Bloodaxe, mighty hewer of orcs? Will I end up Ebaying my wedding ring in exchange for in-game money with which to purchase stylishly-fashioned armor for my character? I’d like to hope not, but time will tell.

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