Setting the scene

Well, the tactical situation in that last post was starting to get pretty complex, so I decided to break out the miniatures and recreate the scene to be sure that we’re all on the same page. Click for the larger version, and let me know what details I’m missing.

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8 thoughts on “Setting the scene

  1. Robert G.

    Ok, while standing in front of the Evil Mastermind, I slowly move my right hand toward my sword, but not in a way that makes it look like I’m doing something, but I wait to do it until the Evil Mastermind and at least one of his henchman are looking the other way, like they’re distracted or something. Then I also turn my head toward the direction where they’re distracted because that often makes people think that they also should turn their head in that direction. Then with my left hand I’m not doing anything except slowly flexing it behind a small flap in my cloak, to get all the muscles loosened up so that when the action does start I can quickly reach into my backpack in one smooth motion to retrieve the oil flask . . . Oh, and I’m slowing raising up on the balls of my feet to get ready to move, but not so quickly that people can actually see me getting taller.

  2. KDC

    I use my remaining power to cast a “Call to Banach-Tarski” enchantment on the totally old-school Monster Manual with the ever-so-realistic centaur on it, which splits the book into 4 pieces (three of which are congruent) and then reassembles them into two books, EACH IDENTICAL TO THE ORIGINAL ONE IN EVERY WAY. However, I am then too weak to fulfill my intention to drop one on the rancor and the other on the Mastermind/minions group, and I lie there in a dazed stupor.

  3. pcg

    Being the prototypical half-orc fighter (with scintillating INT=7 and WIS=5) I whip around and attack that Monchichi looking thing behind me (given I had no clue Ron had charmed it).

  4. TdB

    Round 2 and my character is already out of the fight? I guess he is already knocked unconscious like all the other times.

  5. Ron

    I cast Otyughs’ Cry, causing all animals within the area to become hostile to my targets. I then sit back and watch the show.

  6. Bill

    I’d like to spend this round wondering what exactly I was thinking when I learned “Predict Weather” instead of a spell that could actually…I don’t know…hurt someone.

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