Open letter to the musicians of the world

We interrupt this long gap of blog silence to bring you an important message.

Musicians of the world,

You know that super-secret hidden track you guys keep putting at the end of the last track on your CDs? Well, you may stop doing that now. It was last considered “cool” sometime around 1991. In 1991, it was a fun surprise (the first time) to be listening to a CD and come across a totally unexpected little treat at the very end of the last track. But these days, it loses some of its effect when we can see it coming from a mile away:

So if you’re looking to do something really unique and cool with your band’s newest album, try something fresh and different… like recording Satanic messages backwards on it, or something.

A Music Fan

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4 thoughts on “Open letter to the musicians of the world

  1. Topher

    Dude, that would so rock! Actually, in this day and age of easy reverse-playback, it’s not the same as wondering whether your cassette really had backmasking or not.
    Equally annoying are those little Flash treats that don’t let you play the cd in a computer.
    The best thing an arist can do for me? Let me buy online, from the store of my choice, and let me play it anywhere and any way I want.
    Thank you magnatune.

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