Break time

Things have been quiet here lately… too quiet, perhaps. After some reflection I’ve decided that a bit of change may do me some good–so I’ll be taking a little break from this blog for a while. I am confident I shall return before too long, but I’d like to take some time off to focus on some other writing projects for a bit. Granted, I haven’t really been posting here regularly for a while anyway; but by actually writing a post acknowledging this, I’ll feel a bit less guilty about concentrating my online energy elsewhere.

It’s been real, it’s been fun, it’s even been real fun. I’ll be back in a while. Hold down the fort while I’m gone.

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3 thoughts on “Break time

  1. Brit

    I notice that quite a few bloggers write about news that makes them angry, or respond to things that other people say. Keeping up on the news seems to be a good way to keep blog counts up. Speaking of which, I recently heard an interview with Susan Wood (Former Director of the Office of Women’s Health with the FDA). Remember that woman a while back who couldn’t get emergency contraceptives? It’s because the (socially conservative) US government was preventing emergency contraceptives from being available without a prescription. Scientists were saying that the stuff was safe, and therefore, shouldn’t require a doctor’s prescription. After three and a half years of government delays and interference on the issue, she resigned in 2005. In the interview, she states: “It became clear to me that it didn’t matter what the science told us, or what the medical evidence was, or what the experts inside and outside the FDA said. And that was the day I stepped down.” Ultimately, the issue and resignation sparked enough controversy and backlash that the government finally let EC be available without a prescription in 2007. (I’m sure you can read more about it by googling her name and “FDA”.)

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