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What I thought my six-year-old daughter would learn in tae-kwon-do class What she actually learned
The Way of the Exploding Fist Report bullying behavior to a trusted adult
Death Before Dishonor Never practice martial arts manuvers on a sibling or pet
Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique Share with the class something kind you did this week, like you picked up your Legos without being asked or something
Foe-shaming Mantra of the Ineffable Bodhisvatta It’s easier if you tie the right side of your uniform first
If You Meet the Buddha, Kill Him We don’t use real weapons at this martial arts studio except for this one bo staff that is just for show and actually you’re not allowed near it
Drunken Master Style Annual membership in the American Taekwondo Association costs how much?!?
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The littlest gamer

I hate to do another “Wow, it sure has been a long time since I last posted!” post, but, well, it sure has been a long time since I last posted. What have I been up to over the last few months? The last several months have not been entirely devoid of gaming, but the bulk of my attention has gone into the care and feeding of this little 1HD creature:


Baby Gamer is shown here receiving the priceless gift of her first D&D rulebook. Unfortunately she responded to this gift by squirming around and sticking out her tongue—perhaps she inherited her father’s Rolemaster genes, or perhaps she’s just holding out for 4th edition. Either way, as soon as I can buy a set of giant-sized dice that she can’t easily ingest, we’ll have her rolling up a character.

That’s the long-term plan, at least. For the time being I’d be happy if she would just sleep for more than a few hours straight. Mommy and daddy are running dangerously low on Endurance points.

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