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Materiam superabat opus

This finding made it possible, three hundred years ago, to formulate a general theory of the Library and solve satisfactorily the problem which no conjecture had deciphered: the formless and chaotic nature of almost all the books. — Borges Of the contributions made by the 2214 Nakamura-Kreitz expedition to the fields of manuscript archaeology and […]

Jerry built a what?

I mess up these idioms often. Well, as often as I attempt to use them. Which is occasionally. In short, it’s “jury-rigged” and “jerry-built,” and it is a crime against reason to mix and match elements of those two terms. (Via Slacktivist.) by

Deathless prose

I am informed by certain meddling Escondidan bloggers that today is Blog Poetry Day. Not wanting to miss out on a chance to share my favorite verses with you, my faithful readers, allow me to present the most sublime rhyming couplet in the history of poetry: The end had come, and this was it; He […]

Spot the fake

This is the most awesome thing I’ve read all year. by

Me against the thesaurus

Speaking of linguistic snobbery, do you know what else I hate? I hate thesauri. I never use them; I consider them a blight on the English language. Maybe that’s putting it a little harshly. But thesauri have always struck me as a lazy and misleading way to artificially boost one’s vocabulary; they let you fling […]

Abusing the English

This is a fun article about the use and abuse of the English language. From time to time, I channel the Grammar Nazi myself. Among the abuses that particularly annoy me: 1) I was wondering if you are coming to the festival tomorrow? Arrrgh! Make a Statement or ask a Question, but don’t use a […]

Late to the punch

I’ve been catching up on my blog-reading (so many blogs, so little time!) and I noticed that Bill beat me to the punch on the comma-(mis)use topic by two days (see his Point #5)! Uncanny. Bill, my post was not intended as any sort of subtle commentary on your use of commas, which I find […]

Pet peeve #483

People, need to learn, how to use commas correctly. by