Absence, heart, fonder, etc.

Long time, no post, as they say. It’s been a moderately eventful month for us. The biggest piece of news to emerge over the last few weeks is that Michele is heading over to Israel for seven weeks this summer to do archaeology work at the Ashkelon site. This news is one of those difficult things that I know inside is a wonderful opportunity for her, but which I’m nevertheless having a hard time getting excited about–seven weeks will be a long time! Assuming that Michele has Internet access there, I hope you’ll all join me in emailing and otherwise writing to her during her stay. And while I distinctly remember rolling my eyes in exasperation at parental safety/terrorist/bombing concerns over my own trips to Jordan several years ago, suddenly those concerns seem a lot more serious now that it’s my wife who’s heading over there.
Still, her departure is a full month away at the moment, which means we’ve got plenty of time to enjoy this beautiful springtime before she leaves. In a few weeks, we’re even taking a one-year-anniversary vacation, spending a few days in a cabin at the park where we got married. Isn’t that romantic?
And aren’t you glad you waited almost an entire month for a new post from me, and were rewarded for your patience with three paragraphs of lovesick whining?

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1 thought on “Absence, heart, fonder, etc.

  1. pcg

    Actually, that’s TWO paragraphs of lovesick whining, and ONE paragraph of self-referential navel-gazing. But yes, I’m glad I waited.

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