Music of the spheres

I participated in this conversation recently:
The Scene: the computer room. Andy is seated at the computer wearing headphones. Michele enters unnoticed.
Michele (barely audible over headphone music) Hey, what are you listening to?
Andy (realizing after several seconds that Michele is in the room, turns down music volume and removes one of the headphone ears): What?
Michele: What are you listening to?
Andy: Uh… video game music remixes…
Michele: Ah. Would those be the same game music remixes you were listening to a few months ago?
Andy: Yeah…
Michele (with sarcastic smirk): They must be pretty good game music remixes.
Andy: Uh, they are..
I would’ve tried to deny it–perhaps claim to be listening to something more cultured and refined, like my Tesla Greatest Hits CD–but my Winamp playlist window was in plain sight:

I can’t help it–I really love this stuff. Most of it is simple, repetitive, and unbelievably nostalgic–now that I think about it, it was pretty much the soundtrack of my nerdy junior-high-and-thereabouts life. The only problem: an awful lot of video game tunes are catchy in the worst possible way. I challenge anyone to pay attention to the sermon in church on Sunday morning with this song running endlessly through their head.

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