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There’s obviously been some changes around here. I’ve been getting annoyed by the Movable Type boring default blog style, so I’m trying out something new. Hope you find it at least a mild improvement.
The CSS is a modified version of one of the styles available at Movable Style, a very nifty little site for people like myself who prefer meddling with already-written CSS to creating it from scratch. And if you’re curious, the image atop the page is of the Squad Leader game board and a few playing pieces that I dug out of storage in the hall closet. This particular board is a map of the infamous Stalingrad Tractor Works, the scene of many a desperate Squad Leader battle.
Let me know if the blog breaks in your browser or anything. There were some funky Mozilla/Safari issues going on earlier, but I think those are fixed now.

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3 thoughts on “Look & feel

  1. Ed

    Looks great on the front page (in Firefox), but the individual article page — which is what I get to when I click through to a new article in my RSS reader — could use a little work. 🙂

  2. jrau

    Thanks, Ed! Glad you like it.
    I haven’t done anything yet with the individual article pages–in fact, I’m kind of afraid to even look. Thanks for the reminder–I’d better go make those look at least mildly decent.

  3. Jon

    Beautiful! I have distinct memory of having my… “dignity” handed to me on a platter while playing out this particular battle…

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