Redesign fever and other miscellanea

Wow, it seems that everybody has been feeling the need to shake things up lately, blog-design-wise. Kim, Jon, Bill, me and now Michele. And I’m probably forgetting to mention somebody else.
I’m sitting in my hotel room now, where somehow the wireless network is reaching six floors up and providing me with internet* access. Tomorrow is the final day of our annual internet-ministry conference, which has been a good experience thus far. Michele will be joining me here tomorrow after she puts some research time in at the University of Chicago library.
Then, Sunday morning is when Michele and I are being officially welcomed as members at our church. So it’s been a somewhat busy week and weekend for us–at least, compared to our usual weekly schedule.
(* Wired magazine recently declared that it was time to stop capitalizing the words “Internet” and “Web”, and I say it’s about time. So from now on, I’ll try to incorporate that into my online writing.)

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