Waiting for Vader

Episode III is almost here. I’m excited.
After the two prequels (I loved them, I hated them), I have managed to dispel my illusions about Lucas’ storytelling abilities; with my somewhat lowered expectations, I’m hopeful that Episode III will be at least a mildly pleasant surprise. At worst, it’ll be like the previous two, which I managed to love despite their many failings. At best, it’ll actually be really good.
Of course, George Lucas seems to be almost frantically attempting to deflate my enthusiasm for this movie. The latest such effort is his Cannes revelation, in which we learn that the Star Wars prequels are actually ham-fisted critiques of the war in Iraq. You know what the Star Wars movies really needed, George? A clunky real-life political agenda!
Knowing Lucas’ skill at writing sublimely nuanced dialogue, I can only imagine the subtlety with which these political sentiments will be expressed.
But you know what? If I can overlook midichlorians, “Greedo shoots first,” Ewoks, the dance scene in Jabba’s palace, the Picnic Scene, Gungans, poop jokes, midichlorians, and did I mention midichlorians, I think I can find it within me to overlook a bit of clumsily earnest politicking.
So I’m going to just ignore it. Lucas can try to provoke this Star Wars fan all he wants, but I won’t give in to hate.
‘Cause you know what else? I can’t wait to see this movie.

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