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εν τούτῳ νίκα

Driving around town has been a little dispiriting lately. The reason sounds a little silly: it’s those signs. You know, the red yard signs that proclaim TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY IN NOVEMBER. These signs are clearly linked to Republicans—they’re invariably planted next to signs for Romney/Ryan, Justin Amash, and other conservative candidates—although I’m not sure […]

Once you start down the Crazy path, forever will it dominate your destiny

Came across an interesting essay tracing the rise and fall of Samuel Francis. Francis was a conservative thinker and writer whose early writing was marked by a certain abrasive insight. But as time went on, he drifted out toward the fringe and sailed right over the border into Crazytown. The article describes a highly intelligent […]

All these worlds are yours except Europa

Wow, is mankind ever playing with fire. First there was the Skynet thing. Now we’re messing around with Europa despite explicit instructions from omnipotent aliens to the contrary. At this point the natural next step is to create a race of slave robots (that are stronger and smarter than us) to serve humanity; or possibly […]

By their reading list ye shall know them

I am sure that those of you who follow politics have heard about Mitt Romney’s incredibly significant and newsworthy gaffe. When asked to name his favorite book, he cited Battlefield Earth by L. Ron Hubbard. Cue a whole lot of snickering and mocking overanalysis by every blogger and pundit in the universe–all of whom no […]

Re: ECs

Kim has posted some interesting thoughts in response to my earlier post about pregnancy, emergency contraception, and other topics I’m not really qualified to discuss. Just in case you were interested in a slightly different take on the subject. by


Umm… wow. What a charming bunch! by

Too much anger

The controversy over Guantanamo Bay, prisoner abuse, and the torture of captured terrorist suspects makes me angry. It makes me angry when some conservative writers and websites not only defend the torture of prisoners, but make light of it, as if this is some sort of hilarious joke that we should wink at and laugh […]

Open marketplace of ideas

An interesting, if somewhat depressing, piece on the challenge of being politically conservative in the librarian profession. by

Pro protestors

Huh. [insert witty commentary] by

Thoughts on the Calvin commencement

Christianity Today has an excellent analysis of media coverage of the Bush commencement and accompanying protests at Calvin, my alma mater. Although I’ve followed this whole chain of events closely, I wanted to wait until the commencement had come and gone before commenting on it. Now that it’s over, I have two observations. First, while […]