The October Stephen King Short Story Project, Round 2: The Revenge

Nightmares&DreamscapesTwo years ago, I spent the month of October reading Stephen King short stories and writing up my reactions. It was a greatly rewarding experience for me, so I’m going to try it again: throughout the month of October, I’ll be reading one Stephen King short story each day (more or less), and recording my thoughts here.

As time allows, I may poke my head into some of King’s shorter novellas and side projects as well. But for the most part, I’ll be choosing stories from the following King collections:

  • Night Shift
  • Skeleton Crew
  • Nightmares and Dreamscapes
  • Everything’s Eventual
  • Just After Sunset

If you’ve got ready access to these books, I would love it if you read along with me. First up is “Dolan’s Cadillac” from Nightmares and Dreamscapes.

For the record, here’s what I covered in my first Stephen King short story project:

  1. You Know They Got a Hell of a Band
  2. Jerusalem’s Lot
  3. Fair Extension
  4. Word Processor of the Gods
  5. The Moving Finger
  6. The Raft
  7. Trucks
  8. The Road Virus Heads North
  9. The Doctor’s Case
  10. The Man in the Black Suit
  11. Strawberry Spring
  12. Sorry, Right Number
  13. The Monkey
  14. The Lawnmower Man
  15. That Feeling, You Can Only Say What It Is In French
  16. Beachworld
  17. The End of the Whole Mess
  18. Sometimes They Come Back
  19. Survivor Type
  20. Popsy
  21. Rainy Season
  22. In the Deathroom
  23. Children of the Corn
  24. Crouch End
  25. Mrs. Todd’s Shortcut
  26. Graveyard Shift
  27. I Am the Doorway
  28. The Fifth Quarter

I’ll be picking up where that list left off. Here’s my progress so far in round 2:

  1. Dolan’s Cadillac
  2. All That You Love Will Be Carried Away
  3. The Reaper’s Image
  4. N.
  5. Dedication
  6. The Cat From Hell
  7. Lunch at the Gotham Café
  8. The Long Walk
  9. The Night Flier
  10. Umney’s Last Case
  11. One For the Road
  12. The Langoliers
  13. Battleground
  14. Night Surf
  15. Mile 81

And beyond that, there are a few more:

  1. The Dune
  2. Gramma
  3. L.T.’s Theory of Pets
  4. Bad Little Kid
  5. A Death

I hope to hear from you in the comments as I read! Let’s get started, Dear Reader!

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3 thoughts on “The October Stephen King Short Story Project, Round 2: The Revenge

  1. Raymond

    Just now getting to this, but as someone with no courage for this kind of reading, I’m looking forward to your month of summaries!

  2. Steve

    Yeah, seems unlikely that Burt would have worked all that out. Not one of King’s better short stories in my opinion, but undeniably iconic of his early style, as you said. I actually liked the ludicrousy of the third movie – a lot of b-movie blood, corn and general foolishness.

    By-the-way, nice to find your blog. We seem to differ on our like or dislike for nearly every one of his short stories, which is entertaining in itself.

  3. Steve

    Oh, that comment above was meant for “Children of the Corn.”

    You should review “I Know What You Need” or “Morality” next!

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